A healer knows she is not doing the healing, she is simply a conduit, a channel, a divine courier. She is humble in her gifts, yet proud that she has learned to let the power flow to help others heal themselves. We all have this ability. Every single one of us are healers if we so choose to be.

I have never claimed healer as a title. I am a lifelong student who continually aspires to be the kind of healer I would like to work with. I study hard. I work hard. I practice hard. But, I have only been a serious student of energetic medicine for six years, so I don’t claim the title of healer…although I suspect I won’t claim it after being a student for twenty years…although I suspect I have been training to heal my entire life…although I know I have been trained over and over through countless lifetimes. I don’t have a long string of letters typed out by my name, although I’ve earned them. I think I’ll remedy that. It occurs to me that stepping into my own power may serve me, and others, better than quiet humility.

I recently had an argument with a loved one whose first language is passive aggression. I have repeatedly told him how angry, sad, frustrated, and even hurt I become when he chooses to belittle rather than honestly communicate. He said something that sent me to my breaking point, to which I responded, “I really don’t care.” He responded to that with, “A person who claims to be a healer doesn’t speak to people like that.”

I stopped for a moment and considered that. Was he holding up a mirror for me? Or, does a healer have the right to defend herself and a right to boundaries? When he said that, I immediately felt that same feeling I have felt all my life when someone stopped me from standing up for myself by saying my strength was unladylike, when someone didn’t have the wits to battle with me, so he shamed with a comment exactly like that, when someone didn’t have the mental strength to do battle with me so he used his size to force me into submission.

When I felt that sucker punch and took a moment to examine it, I asked myself honestly, “what would a healer do with someone constantly violating boundaries and belittling because it entertains him? Should I have handled that situation differently? Should I even entertain a comment that was designed to shame me into quiet because he didn’t have any valid argument to defend his poor manners?”

A healer would heal herself, that’s what she would do, and often healing yourself means reinforcing personal boundaries and removing the cancer trying to infiltrate those boundaries. A healer would act for the highest good of all parties. For the other person’s highest good, often the lesson needs to be taught and learned that friendships are lost when you continually disrespect.

There is a very good reason boundaries are part of formal Priestess training, an entire lesson and practice on holding your own boundaries and respecting those of others. So the next time someone disrespects this healer, violates my boundaries, and tries to shame me into subservience, what will I do? This Leo mama saying, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass” with a sincere smile and well wishes is still as absolutely appropriate as ever. Healer is not synonymous with doormat. That white light bubble is bullet proof. Shine, baby, shine.

I wrote this four years ago, and now my healthy boundaries, self honoring, and light are stronger than ever…and I only continue to grow…ever the student sharing what she is learning with other students of Life.

For all who resonate and are called, I invite you to join me this weekend for an empowering weekend of learning healthy boundaries for mind, body, spirit. We will share techniques for energetic clearing and boundaries, communicating and HOLDING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES in relationship, and building the energetic resilience to maintain a strong sense of self with an open heart.

Lammas Celebration weekend is this Friday evening through Sunday evening at Open Hearts Sanctuary in beautiful Granbury, Texas.
Blessings to all beings without exception,
Priestess Summer Dawn