Patricia Wells, Sharon Varner, Summer Dawn, and Dharma Gaynes are collaborating at Open Hearts Sanctuary to bring you an amazing 10-day immersion into the language of light, sound healing and womb healing.

Whether you are just coming into the awareness and wanting to learn, or you have been on this path of enlightenment and empowerment for a long time, you will come away with new tools, new innerstandings, higher vibrational awareness and new community. The overall purpose of this gathering is to provide a safe space to share, learn and experience with each other.

Through meditations, experiential journeys, sound healing, vibrational alignments, star earth knowledge, and Language of Light we will tap into the legacy of ancestral origin and knowledge. It will introduce you to ways of growing, expanding, loving and the miracles of divine right knowing.

This event is a full weekend of activities. The retreat center is air conditioned and has a large gathering space, kitchen and dining area. There are bunk rooms that sleep 24, (which will be cozy although we won't get much sleep anyway). There are bathrooms with showers. Some are even choosing to tent camp so that they can star gaze all night, although awareness of wildlife is necessary. The stars are bright there as there are no city lights and few houses around. UFO activity has been observed.

What is new and exciting is that this Light Language Immersion weekend is being combined with other activities! We are so excited to offer the following

The schedule is as follows

  • 12-6 through 12-8: Light Language Immersion with Patricia Walls and Sharon Varner
  • 12-8 through 12-13 Sound Healing Training with Summer Dawn and Sharon Varner
  • 12-14 through 12-15 Womb Healing with Dharma Gaynes.
There are no modules in this training course.