40 Day Yoga Challenge

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Oct 01 2022


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

40 Day Yoga Challenge

40 Day Guided Kundalini Sadhana/Practice October 1st-November 9th!

Blessed New Beginnings and Re-Birthings Sweet Friends!!!

Welcome to our new forty day sacred container for uplifting community, breaking through barriers, building new habits, and coming into true understanding of Self Mastery! This is the CHANGE OUR LIVES AND CHANGE THE WORLD SANGHA! A forty four day Kundalini yoga practice will forever change you, and inspire you to continue to practice yoga and create potent change in your inner and outer worlds.

Each day we begin our practice with The Liberated Heart Meditation for equanimity, steadfastness, and immunity! Can I get a WOOHOO, AMEN, HAPPY DANCE, or all of the above! Following the meditation, we practice Kundalini yoga movement to strengthen and condition the body, open the heart, and connect our spirits to the Infinite. We finish the practice with chanting Kirtan Kriya to ground the newly created energy and powerfully master the mind.

Why do we give ourselves the gift of a 40 day challenge? “Self Mastery”. What is self mastery? Developing the ability to stay balanced, anchored, and rooted in your own peace no matter what storm comes, without letting inner or outer negativity take over, our higher minds continuously helm the wheel! And how do we develop that ability with yoga? We practice with heartfelt intention every day! We clear, center, and laser focus by practicing kundalini yoga every day, then practice mindfulness of those teachings and energies as we move through our days.

October 1, 2022 Our first class is a 4 hour workshop from 12-4pm! In this workshop you’ll be learning the fundamentals of kundalini yoga and everything you need to know to be successful in this 40 day sojourn into self love and self discovery! This offering will be in person at the studio, AND live streamed into our private Facebook group. I will be sharing the practices described above, and also going over all the basics our new friends need to know to have the most powerful, effective practice possible.

I will continue to hold class and live stream as well as pop in the Facebook group to share video of the daily practice. You’ll be able to join in live each day, or have the videos on demand. We will use the Facebook group and a text message group to uplift, answer questions, and remind each other why we are doing this…because WE ARE WORTH THE WORK! We deserve the best this life has to offer it, and we are dedicated to co-creating our best lives with the divine!

A Sadhana/daily practice establishes your commitment to Self, so that you can develop the devotion, motivation, and inspiration to create what you desire in your world! In this 40 day practice with our accountability group, we come together in community to lift each other up while we release old blocks and patterns, and strengthen and activate the 10 Yogic Bodies within you for powerful healing and dynamic change.

October 1st through November 9th, we meet in the studio or over Zoom to practice together and check in with our Sangha. On the weekends, you practice every day along with Summer in the Facebook group, and she will answer questions and give any guidance needed to help you move through the journey with love, grace, and ease.

The Facebook group has an instructional video for you to follow along with when we are not practicing together, links to all the music, and inspirational reading to enhance your practice. You are fully supported through the releasing of old habits and the building of a more happy, healthy, whole way of being!

Wednesday night November 9th we celebrate our last day or practice together with a beautiful sound bath ceremony and joyful gathering!

Brightest Blessings to you Dear Friends! Priestess Summer Dawn

$88.00 includes Facebook group, daily guidance, and five kundalini classes per week in studio October 1st through November 9th.

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