Curses, Hexes, & Hall of Records

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Jul 29 2023


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Curses, Hexes, & Hall of Records

Patricia DancingElk Walls brings a gorgeous Light Language experience to Open Hearts! Join us for Light Language Gallery from 2-4, then the opportunity to meet Patricia and the beautiful medicine she brings to this world! You’ll have the opportunity to speak with her personally and have her sign her books for you.

Read more about her at, and book a healing appointment too!

Light Language is a coded frequency experienced as sound or symbols. The light codes speak directly to the physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body. They purposely bypass the mental body. The source of it is what most identified as aspects of God, Source or Creation. It is all the same really. We are all aspects of God, Source or Creation. Everything that is alive is an aspect of that Creation. It often sounds different from human to human who is transmitting it. Some will say that they are “channeling” a particular star being or group. My understanding is that I am transmitting versus channeling and that the way it sounds depends on the frequency being transmitted and who I am transmitting it for. That could also say who I am receiving it for. It is all the same really. During the gallery we will discuss light language and how it affects the everything.

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