Empowering the Empath Retreat

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Nov 11 - 13 2022


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Empowering the Empath Retreat

Healing and Emotional Clearing for the Empath with Dharma Gaynes, Licensed Spiritual Health Coach with over 30 years experience in Shamanic practices, holistic health, and spiritual empowerment!

CLEARING: “removing obstructions and unwanted items to become clear” in EMOTIONAL healing terms this translates as: “a deep clear-out of your old history – emotions, memories and trauma – stored within your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies”.

If you think about everything you’ve been through – as a child, in school, with relationships, and through injuries and trauma – some of it hasn’t been great, am I right? And it’s this stuff that hurts us, and keeps on causing us pain until we clear it, and therefore regain our EMOTIONAL FREEDOM and FREE WILL!

This gathering is all about clearing! My journey over the past 30 years has been dedicated to clearing myself and helping others to clear themselves of the problematic structures in the mind/body that negatively affect our present and our futures. I have witnessed and grown within the acceleration and evolution of transformational psychology and find myself in awe how much we have learned and how the Spirit of EMOTIONAL CLEARING has revealed its truths.
I am honored to spend time with you introducing very useful and powerful concepts and attendant, self initiated and self maintained, techniques for past, present and future(yep!) Emotional Clearing wisdom. Another key to your infinite expression of Beauty❣️& the realization of your living purpose.


Friday 6-10pm
Opening Ceremony located off campus in Arlington, Texas (Zoom option available)
*Friday night is a bonus optional event for those who love ceremony. Your attendance is not required but we would LOVE to have you!*

Saturday 10am-8pm at Open Hearts Sanctuary in Granbury
Emotional Clearing and Healing Workshop
Please pack your lunch, dinner will be provided.
2-4pm Special Guest Patricia DancingElk Walls guiding Light Language Gallery

Sunday 10-8pm
Timeline Therapy & Transformational Breathwork with Integration using shamanistic practices to EMPOWER THE EMPATH!

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