Medicine People Intensive

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Dec 09 - 11 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Medicine People Intensive

Days Out of Time Shamanic Weather Forecasting with Summer Dawn & Cameron Hitt:
Friday 6-10pm

Medicine People with Jenny Parten:

Saturday 10-8pm covers the principles of healing.

Sunday 10-8pm covers knowing the self/intuitive healing & includes time for practice. Both days include group meditation, in order to integrate & embody the information meant for you.

This class was birthed from my desire to teach people how to tap into their own natural healing abilities. We are ALL Medicine People. Right now… even if you don’t know it, or honor those aspects of your own being. We are all our own healer, teacher & guru. I wanted to teach a class that uplifts & supports this truth, as well as teaches us to do this healing work in a way that allows our intuition to direct the way that these healings are expressed or performed. As a Master Reiki & Shamanic Practitioner, I realize much of what we were teaching was dependent on dogma, rules & ways of doing things that did not express our unique individual expressions, ancient wisdoms and innate proclivities. It felt wrong for me to engage in practices that would lead people to believe they must be initiated, attuned or certified to do what is a natural expression of our humanity when doing healing work in their own homes with their loved ones. I have come to believe that the most effective healing work occurs when we are the most authentic version of ourselves & I knew that I had to create a curriculum that included the encouragement of unique self expression & the fundamentals of healing work. The beauty of this course, is that is will support and uplift any modalities you do choose to practice or paths you choose to embody.

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