Meet your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels


May 19 - 21 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Meet your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Join Charon Rose, Summer Dawn, and Akashic Resources guiding powerful practices to see, hear, feel, and know you are Divinely Connected!!!

Friday 6-10pm:
Priestess Charon Rose guides us through connecting to the Cosmic Mother through the practice of prayer beads/rosary/mala/japa, and we finish our evening with Dream Tea Ceremony for divine communication during dream time.

Saturday 10-6pm:
Priestess Summer Dawn sharing connection to Guides, Guardians, Angels, and Holy Beings through the practice of “The Love Sadhana”

Through The Love Sadhana teachings, you will receive powerful activations to awaken and strengthen your psychic abilities!

We then spend the day in immersive practices to reconnect cellular memory to higher mind and unity consciousness. The Mind Body Spirit connection of ONENESS. All love, support, healing, and messages are available to ALL of us because we are all ONE. All resources are available to you! You are infinitely provided for ❤

Sunday 10-6pm:
10am Past Life Yoga with Golbahar!!!
12pm Lunch in CommUnity
1pm Messages from The Universe with Akashic Resources
This incredible offering is an Abraham Hicks style gallery for you to ask your deepest questions about yourself and the world around you, and get answers!

Simple lunch included both days. Vegetarian and Omnivore options available. Please bring your meals if you have special dietary needs. We do have a refrigerator and microwave for you.

Please bring water, snacks, yoga mat, pillow or cushion or any other comfort items you need for meditation and relaxation.

If you need overnight accommodations, Summer’s home is open to Shamanic Priestessing students for slumber party style sleeping. If you desire private surroundings, Granbury is full of lovely bed and breakfasts.

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