Mystery School 2023

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Apr 28 - 30 2023


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Mystery School 2023

Are you ready and willing to open to the most authentic, vulnerable, courageous YOU? Do you want magickal practices that FLOW easily from a space of pure intent, crystal clarity, and a strong sense of Self? Are you excited and intruigued by the phrases “impeccable energetic hygiene”, ” imperturbable healthy boundaries”, and “ultimate space holding”? Are you ready and willing to step into your full power through accessing the wisdom of the ALL, and the magic of every healer you have ever been, and ever will be?

At this day it is indifferent to say in the English tongue, ‘she is a witch,’ or ‘she is a wise woman.’ [Reginald Scot, “The Discoverie of Witchcraft,” 1584]

Centuries ago, the spelling of “magick” was changed to “magic” in an effort to illegitimatize human powers of internal transformation and external manifestation. It was the outward bastardization of self empowerment. Magick reduced to magic became parlour tricks, smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand. And, the world too became a place of smoke and mirrors.

People come to me for magic tricks. I teach them magick. They come to me for a spell, a reading, a healing. Instead they get Mr. Miyagi and The Witch In The Woods. I will always wax on wax off with you long before I share any hocus pocus. I will always feed you if you come to me hungry. Once. With the understanding that if you come to me hungry again, the food waiting for you is the learning of how to hunt and forage for yourself.

Liana Naima said, “My job is to confront myself over and over and over again until I am the clearest, stillest channel for spirit to exist within.” I have always loved this quote. Yet, I do not need to confront me, or anything, or anyone. I only need the courage to OPEN to the most authentic, vulnerable, courageous ME. As I grow…I find myself continually refining the words to this empowering quote. “It is my honor to see, hear, know, and BE mySelf deeper and truer until I am the clearest, stillest channel for ME to exist. For I am Spirit. WE are one in the same.”

Let us unsmoke the mirrors, together.
With Love, Compassion, Honor, and Respect,

Priestess Summer Dawn

This powerful curriculum includes all you need to move from having mystical experiences to actually LIVING a SACRED MYSTICAL LIFE! For thirteen moons, we share:

***One in person full weekend intensive healing, crafting, and training experience every month

***Four monthly classes and ceremonies (your choice of in person or zoom) for teaching, learning, Q & A, support, integration, and the practical application of magick to daily life

***One monthly in person appointment or zoom call with Summer or Dharma (your choice) for spiritual guidance or Reiki.

***Unlimited yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, and breathwork classes. Attend and immerse as much as you desire.

Register in person at The Sanctuary, or online at

For inquiries and to schedule a new student consultation, email

***** April 28-20th we gather for the first weekend intensive and opening ceremony of the 2023 Shamanic Priestess Training by Open Hearts Sanctuary School of Mystery in beautiful Granbury, Texas*****

Join us for deep emotional release, transformational spiritual practice, collective healing, and heart connection to soul tribe! This retreat doubles as healing catalyst for anyone led to heal in community, and also as the opening ceremony for all those entering our Year and a Day (AYAAD) Training. We invite you for deep transformation over the weekend, and if you choose to begin formal study to develop the Priest/Priestess/Shaman/Healer within you…now is the time!

This weekend retreat and this full 13 Moons AYAAD curriculum and training is open to all people of all or no genders, all or no lineages, all or no backgrounds, all or no experience. Here, we take off our armor. There is no separation, only uniqueness. There is no othering, only honoring.

To earn your certificate of completion, we ask that you attend at least 10 out of the 14 healing intensive weekends, either in person or online. Healing modality training will be offered in person only.

April 28-30th Mystery School Opening Weekend: Find the Shaman/Healer/Priestess within You!
May 19th-21st Spirit Guide Communication
June 9th-11th The Sound Healing Family Gathering
July 7th-9th Empowering the Empath
July 28th-30th Un-Hex Yourself Intensive
August 18th-20th Summer Heart Healing Retreat
September 15th-17th Crystal Reiki Immersion
October 13th-15th Ancestral Empowerment
November 9th-11th Autumn Heart Healing Retreat
December 8th-10th The Munay Ki Rites: Womb Healing
January 5th-7th Light your 2024 FIRE!
***2024 dates TBA by May 1, 2023

APRIL 28-30, 2023

Our first year students are completing their Year and a Day training on this powerful Beltane weekend!!! And our new students are beginning their Year and a Day!!! We are so very blessed

This ceremonial celebration is open to both yearly students, and to magick lovers here for one AMAZINGLY POWERFUL weekend!!!

Join us for deep emotional release, transformational spiritual practice, collective healing, and heart connection to soul tribe! This weekend, we go as above, so below, and everywhere in between!!!

April 28-April 30
11AM Gather and choose your sweet spot for camping! Set up, and eat lunch.
2PM SUMMER DAWN opening the circle
7PM Dinner

9am ELEKTRA MOON sharing the Mayan Wheel and Rainbow Bridge Galactic Meditation
10am KAREN MORALES sharing the Sumerian Wheel and divination techniques
11am SUMMER DAWN facilitating Heart Circle Connection through a picnic community working lunch
2-4pm PATRICIA DancingElk sharing Light Language Gallery
4:30-6:30 CAMERON HITT sharing Wisdom Qi Gong
6:30pm dinner
7:30pm ELEKTRA MOON “Dancing is PRAYING with your whole body”

9AM-12pm Summer Dawn facilitating the Munay Ki Rites
12pm Ceremonial initiation into Priestess-ship, and closing circle. We have new priestesses beginning their year and a day today! And our graduating priestesses being ordained today! Please stay to witness this beauty and bless all our new Shaman/Healer/Priestesses on their new journeys!
1PM Lovingly clean up camp, thank and bless the land and each other and ALL THAT IS!!!

Message or call us with any questions, and you can register below!

We are camping at Talking Trees Farm at 8100 Nix Road in beautiful Tolar, Texas! You may choose to camp or go home for the night. Those staying at their own indoor accommodations need to check in no later than 1pm Friday. We will have a portapotty on the land, and people can go back to Summer’s house if they really need a shower but it is a 40 minute drive. We do have running water and a hose out at the camp site. We will have one big hot meal brought out every day. The gas station down the road is a mom and pop stop, and they make AWESOME fresh breakfast burritos so it is likely that we will make a run there every morning. Everyone needs to bring their own coolers and pack enough food for 3 days, knowing that breakfast burritos and one hot meal is coming each day, and they need to pack whatever they need in addition to that. There will be a lot of community food sharing too.

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