Reiki 2 Certification

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Mar 26 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reiki 2 Certification

The second level of Reiki is called “Absentee Reiki” or Reiki II. The student must first be a Reiki I practitioner for at least 21 days prior to receiving the Reiki II attunements from their Reiki Master. The major differences between a Reiki I and a Reiki II practitioner is that when practicing Reiki II, the recipient does not need to be present.

There are two attunements in Reiki II, each must be at least one hour apart. There are also symbols that are passed from the Master to the student that must be memorized by the student. The symbols are used to work with such issues as past-life, karmic, spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The energy transferred in Reiki II opens the student to channel more Reiki energy. It also starts a 21 day clearing process of the 7 major chakras and expands the aura even larger than before.

After completing the Reiki 2 course, the student receives a certificate certifying that the student is now a Reiki 2 practitioner. The Reiki 2 level practitioner can then use the universal life force energy for absentee recipients wanting to experience Reiki healing energies.

Please bring a sack lunch, and leave your metal jewelry and accessories at home as the metal interferes with energy conduction.

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