boundaries are part of formal Priestess trainingI am Priestess of the trailer park
the country club, the suburbs, the ghettos
and everywhere in between.

I am Priestess for
the lost and forgotten
the unspoken and unheard
the broken and battered
the neglected and abused

the hexed and the cursed
the disassociated and the manic
the depressed and the anxious
the addicted and the judgmental

the people pleasers and the opportunists
the manipulatable and the manipulators
the empaths and the narcissists
the victims and the abusers

the Muslim, the Buddhist, the Christian
the Pagan, the Witch, the Shaman
the heart desperate to know God
the heart who believes they hate God

My heart is in service to all of humanity, and the planet.

My time is in service to those ready to shift their own paradigm with radical self-compassion and medicinal doses of self-responsibility.

*To those 100% ready to get off their own bullshit.*

To those ready and willing to do THE WORK in a way that EMPOWERS you to stop flitting from healer to psychic to shaman desperately looking for the answers that are right there INSIDE YOU…just waiting for you to become YOUR OWN healer, shaman, priest/priestess.

I don’t give the easiest assignments, and I don’t allow spiritual bypassing in my life or my curriculum. I am the one that gives you the work that WORKS. I am the one who helps you break the pattern that wasn’t working, that has never worked for you, that was never even yours to begin with.

That pattern got dealt to you in the cards of life, and now it’s time to give it up to Source and create your own life-giving patterns.

DECONSTRUCT. DEFRAG. DEPROGRAM. Then redesign yourself according to YOUR beautiful specifications.

I ask the challenging questions and give the warrior’s assignments because I know that’s where the healing lies. I know that’s where your power lies.

I am not attached to you liking me, or the challenges, or the assignments. You will “like” me and the challenges and assignments exactly as much as you decide to resist breaking old patterns, or exactly as much as you decide to embrace creating new patterns.

My job is to make sure you learn how to like YOU, that you learn how to love YOU.

My job is to give you the tools to leave The Sanctuary loving yourself more than you did when you walked through the door.

If you attempt to deny or suppress your feelings I will ask you about the first time you remember having your feelings squashed, ask how that’s been working out for you the last few decades, and then I’ll show you how to self-express without shame, blame, or games.

If you cling, I’ll help you learn your worth. You are worthy of letting go of clinging, and beginning to hold on to yourself.
If you attempt to bypass the truth of your full beauty and power with self-judgment, projection, or delusion…I will very swiftly and directly guide you right back to YOU…help you build the courage to face your own power, one loving building block at a time.

If you attempt the blame game with your past, I will show you where you are bleeding energy and how to stop bleeding yourself dry.
If you attempt to manipulate, I will ask you what need you hoped you’d fill when you reverted to manipulation, and then I’ll help you learn how to heal that within yourself…with absolutely no judgment.

*Humans manipulate because we were taught from birth that manipulation is how to get our needs met. I’ll help you learn how to meet your own needs in a way that always honors your truth and never compromises your integrity or your relationship with Self or others.*

If you attempt to people please with me I will quickly make sure you learn to say NO, starting with me.

If you attempt to gain validation from me I will say NO, because I love you so much I am unwilling to enable you in any way. I’ll keep showing you how to validate your own beautiful existence until you are so fluent in self validation, fulfilling your own needs, and kicking ass at your life that anyone you invite in is a CHOICE.

And anyone you choose to have in your life is an added layer of love, not the source of your love…and then…you will know what pure love is, without agenda, without condition…love for the sake of loving. Love you can trust.

This is about you creating a life you love to live inside a body you feel healthy in with people you feel good around. This is about taking “mind body spirit alignment” out of a slogan and making it a verb. What will it look like when you learn, live, and love with mind body spirit aligned?

Open enrollment into the Fall Semester of Open Hearts Mystery School in Granbury, Texas begins this Saturday, October 29th. There are two start dates available, November 11th, or December 9th.

You’ll come into a safe, healthy, supportive container with Beautiful Souls who have been in study lodge with us from anywhere from 4 months to 4 years. You’ll step into the empowerment that healing alongside community creates, along with one-on-one guidance.

This is a hybrid program that can be attended fully in person, and also online for those outside of DFW.

Are you ready to gift yourself A Year and a Day to fully align with the Shaman/Healer/Priestess within you?


Blessings to all beings, without exception.
Priestess Summer Dawn