Mystery School Registration

STEP 1) To complete your Mystery School Registration, please read the requirements and terms below and submit your registration details.

Requirements for receiving certificate of completion:

  1. Commitment for energy exchange paid in full, or on the first of each month for a total of 13 payments, or another agreement for energy exchange (volunteering) will be clearly listed on your commitment form.
  2. Attendance in at least 10 weekend retreats out of the 14 offered throughout the year. Tuition is due each month even if you opt out of attending the monthly retreat.
  3. Attendance to Wednesday night Sanctuary at least twice a month, especially the Wednesday after retreat. (Zoom option available)
  4. Attendance to Qi Gong with Cameron or meditation with Dharma at least twice a month. (Zoom option available)
  5. Attendance to 3 breathwork ceremonies as a student, and 2 ceremonies as a spaceholder.
  6. We require that you complete Reiki levels 1 and 2 sometime during your year-long training, if you have not already completed them prior to registration. We prefer that you do your Reiki training at Open Hearts, but it is not required. All Reiki practioners welcome.
  7. Best effort participation in the monthly choices for our crystal, herbal, and Goddess Allies. Sharing your wisdom about what you are learning about yourself and open spirituality. Holding your community in the highest light.
  8. Design, choreograph, and facilitate your own ceremony for the community

Grounds for dismissal:

No gossip, no drama, no hatefulness. We do not mindlessly or purposely hurt our friends, or anyone. Hold your people IN THE HIGHEST LIGHT.

No illegal drugs or illegal activities are permitted on Open Hearts Sanctuary’s business or Open Hearts events held on private land. All gatherings are sober in order to practice presence and mindfulness.

No sexually predatory behavior. We do not “hit on” our family. We do not prey upon the pain of others.

***You will not use any of the shamanic/energy/magickal practices that you learn here to manipulate, harm, punish, or co-opt the free will of others. If you are working from fear and/or you think someone “deserves” something, that is your first clue that you are out of alignment with my Soul. Loving boundaries are the only thing we need to create to keep all safe.

***We work for the highest good of ALL. DO NO HARM. Blessings to ALL beings without exception.***

    STEP 2) Make your payment. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive instructions sign up for events and classes.

    One Payment of $2200
    (an overall savings of $686)

    13 Monthly Payments of $222