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Summer Dawn on The Enlightened Path Podcast

Summer Dawn is the founder and owner of Open Hearts Yoga and Crystal Boutique. She recently appeared on The Enlightened Path Podcast. Watch the podcast below! Summer wears many hats such as Faith Healer, Interfaith Priestess, Yoga and Meditation Facilitator,... Read More

The Work

As we travel along on our personal journey, along the way we gather “tools” for our spiritual “tool belt”. We gather these in the many forms of daily practice, meditation, movement, breath work, affirmation, crystals, oracle decks and cards, essential... Read More

Larimar Spheres

These magickal Larimar Spheres from the Dominican Republic are still waiting for their forever home ❤ “Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies. Its soft, soothing blues and calming turquoise is streaked with white patterns that... Read More

Carnelian Flames

Did you know… When it’s Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere 🎃🥳💖🔥 No matter where you are on the planet, the veil is thin, the energy is high, and the energy of fiery ancestors is... Read More

I am Priestess of…

I am Priestess of the trailer park the country club, the suburbs, the ghettos and everywhere in between. I am Priestess for the lost and forgotten the unspoken and unheard the broken and battered the neglected and abused the hexed... Read More

Crystal Protection Grid

This grid was made for protection for the highest good of our children…for the highest outcome on the highest timeline regarding a challenging situation. It worked. It always does. If you’d like to learn gridwork to amplify your prayers, spells,... Read More

Shifting Patterns with Crystals

“I’ve been practicing vibrational and somatic healing for 30 years and teaching for almost 25 years. Beginning with massage therapy, then Reiki, Craniosacral, and zero balancing modalities, and then developing vibrational holistic models, I’ve come to understand that there is... Read More

Boundaries are part of Formal Priestess Training

A healer knows she is not doing the healing, she is simply a conduit, a channel, a divine courier. She is humble in her gifts, yet proud that she has learned to let the power flow to help others heal... Read More