Helen Watson

Psychic Reader Extraordinaire

Helen Watson Galarowicz grew up in a household where astrology and fortune telling were practiced daily. Her mother, Connie Hughes, was a prominent astrologer in the Dallas area and began teaching metaphysics to me at an early age. Even though she went on to college and ultimately worked as a model for many years, she continued to expand my knowledge and practice of metaphysics.

Since then she has studied and practiced to perfect my psychic abilities. Helen is well practiced in fortune telling by readings of Tarot, plain deck cards and crystal balls. Areas that she is also strongly suited in are: Astrology, Numerology, Spiritual Mediumship, Feng Shui, healing crystals and candles, seeing auras, handwriting analysis and Reiki healing.

She can perform Reiki healing and readings either in person, or by distance.

She currently teach classes in Astrology, Tarot reading, and White Candle Meditation. She has been reading cards, her specialty, for 40 years and have clients who have been returning to me for many years.

Helen’s readings will reveal valuable insights into personal situations such as: Work, Business, Family matters, Love & Marriage, Buying & Selling Property, Legal Affairs, and Personal Relationships.

All readings will be held with total confidentiality.

Contact Helen at Ups.watson@yahoo.com
Her psychic reading timeslots will book up quickly, so send her a message now šŸ„°

Helen Watson

200 CYT