Mari Weldon

Psychic Medium & Forensic Artist

Mari is a Psychic Medium/Professional Fine Artist, with the ability to see spirits and communicate with them, and has worked in the DFW metaphysical community for the past twelve years, and privately for the past 42 years.

During your reading, she sketches all the souls gathered around you, relays their messages and the sketch is yours to keep. She also takes commissions for Spirit Guide/Animal Spirit Guide/Guardian Angels portraits and has completed over 400 of these highly sought after, professionally rendered art works. Art works also include murals, and various other commissions. Her art has been published in magazines, books, newspapers and online since 1982. She’s been featured in numerous online magazines.

Mari reads privately in her home full time, as well as events, parties and many metaphysical events throughout the DFW area. She has read for people in over twenty two countries over video, to date.

Mari Weldon

200 CYT