Patricia Walls

Light Language Activator

Patricia is a natural intuitive. Through her natural gift of communication, she works with all life to assist in healing, balance and expansion. Her training began some 40 years ago in shamanism and evolved through learning and practicing many healing modalities. In her time, she has served as an international speaker, teacher, women’s retreat leader, healing facilitator, author, and mentor. Her websites include PatriciaWalls.Net, and

She says, “I have been doing work in the alternative healing and practice realm since 80’s in varying arenas and degrees.”

Patricia is a speaker, published author/co-author of 11 books, artist, alternative healer, spiritual mentor and personal empowerment guide with a passion for helping people reach their highest potential. She specializes in providing practical tools and techniques to help individuals discover their inner strength and develop a deeper connection to their spiritual self. Her goal is to empower others to create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives.

Patricia Walls
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