Massage Services


Dharma Gaynes offers Therapeutic, Sports, Fascia work, Illness/Accident/Injury Recovery, Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Well-being massage modalities. Each massage is custom designed for your needs.

About Dharma

Dharma has been a student and practitioner of the mystical arts, transformational healing, and shamanism since awakening in 1990 when everything changed as chapter one of her life came to a close due to life taking health issues, and chapter two opened in a whole new light and with a whole new insatiable curiosity for understanding, truth, health and peace.

She has been a student, apprentice and teacher of Shamanism for nearly 25 years and imparts the ways of the Good Red Road with fellow seekers in the Spirit of Loving Kindness to all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. It is her Path With Heart, and she shares the wisdom of the teachings with those in search of Happiness, Health, Humor, Hope, and Harmony, spreading Knowledge That Works to create Wisdom That Walks.

Dharma Gaynes

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC)