The Zen Den is a beautiful space, staffed by lovely knowledgeable folks. Shop here for a nice selection of stones and crystals.

Heather McIntosh

Zen Den Wellness Center has such amazing high vibrating energy. If you are ever in the area stop by and see their crystal selection….Unbelievable! Also many great classes to choose from.

Sherry Wynn

I have had so many firsts here! Drumming, trapeze yoga, sound healing, Reiki, and so much more that opened up my world to holistic healing modalities. As a nurse, I have found that alternative therapies are perfect companions to western medicine, and are incredibly complementary to my healing work.

Kassy Havel

What a wonderful sanctuary! I truly enjoy the yoga classes and all the amazing events. I strongly recommend to come to the all day free yoga classes on Saturdays.


Beautiful inviting space! Huge range of classes and crystal selection! Teachers/Healers are all certified and welcoming. Love it ❤️

Gabrielle Kinser

Went to a Sober Day Retreat here in this space and had a look around the shop. There are so many classes offered and great people!

Rebecca Stewart

So many beautiful crystals in the shop! They offer so many unique yoga and healing classes to choose from as well. This is the best place in town for crystals, and mind, body, Spirit connection!

Jurassic Gaming
What a much needed place to unwind ,with yoga , stretch , shop and share love between local gals ! 💖
Esther Schreiber
So many wonderful classes and workshops to raise your vibration! Plus the beautiful crystal shop!
Mrs Griff

Best yoga studio!! Such amazing classes. You relieve stress, have fun and build community here. Love it!

Grace Macias

Awesome choices for crystals and stones, lots of great yoga teachers and they have the best retreats for great price….My favorite metaphysical store.

Sharon Varner
Amazing selection of crystals and stones!
Janiece Ward

It’s a beautiful experience everytime I visit Open Hearts Sanctuary. I really appreciate the encouraging community.

Shawn Thompson

Shelley Kaehr, PhD at zen den. The lady is reviewing the content of many of her writings. Energetic healiling on strroids. She is on fire!
Looking forward to more workshops.

Georgia Maxwell

Zen Den is such a blessing. Summer and her staff are my ‘go to’ for crystals. They offer a wonderfully broad selection of crystals and metaphysical tools. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and super friendly. 🙂

I have attended several workshops and events at Zen Den and every one of them has been powerful and enlightening.

This place rocks!! 😉

Sage V

If you are looking to find a warm, caring and enlightened group of people, look no further. Every single person that works there or comes there for either yoga, massage, energy work, healing, or just to find themselves seems to find exactly what they need. I have met some of the most amazing people that I am grateful to call friends and family. I just wanted to take a yoga class but during that venture I found myself. #lifechanging

Melody Neary

Lots of yoga! Great classes!

Owen Hitt

I love ZenDen. The shop, the classes, the instructors and participants are all so welcoming. And it smells good (important to us sensory folk).

Sally Flores

Zen Den Wellness Center is an oasis of joy, beauty, spiritual growth and community. The quality of the leaders and seekers you’ll find there are unparalleled, and the openness and love that you’ll be met with as soon as you enter will stay with you long after you’ve left. Come for the beauty you’ll find (and maybe get lost in) in the thousands of stones on display, find your center with yoga, meditation, and breathing classes, and stay for the growth we can find when we come together in community with the sacred drive of pursuing our highest good in this life. A very special place.

Jeff G